All about peregrine falcons

Characteristics of peregrine falcons

Peregrine falcons can be spotted by their large size, their black caps and sideburns, along with their yellow eyerings. In flight their pointed long wings have a black-and-white checkered on the underside.


The word 'peregrine' means wanderer, and, true to its name, peregrine falcons are found all over the world. Here is a range map of north america.


Notice how much of the above map is colored yellow. Peregrine falcons have a huge migration


Peregrine falcons mostly eat birds, but a huge variety of them. About 450 birds have been documented as a peregrine falcon's prey in North America, but the worldwide number might be up to2,000 types of birds.


Peregrine falcons nest high off the ground, in places such as cliffs, skyscrapers, electrical towers, and quarries.